Quantum Leap Retreat

"I'll quit smoking if I could just get away for a few days without access to cigarettes."

"There should be something for smokers like they have for other addictions."

Stop Waiting For The Right Time To Quit- Let's Create It!

Small, private, professionally-led retreats can be customized to date, location and budget with as few a 3 smokers




Experience the Quantum Leap Retreat!

Let's not pretend this is all about
quitting smoking!
Sure, you'll receive insanely great quit help and be infinitely better prepared for life without cigarettes and yes, you'll be away from daily triggers and associations that constantly gnaw at you early in recovery, but most importantly, you will be alongside your private quit coach and others (in your exact same shoes) on a shared journey as you fully commit to a better life and take the Quantum Leap Together!

This Quantum Leap Retreat
is for you if:

  • You've made three or more past quit attempts.
  • ​You can imagine life as a nonsmoker.
  • ​You've remained smoke-free more than three months in the past, but are currently smoking and ready to truly quit.
  • ​You've used RX/NRT in the past.
  • You're confident you can quit with the right support and environment.
  • ​You can commit to not smoking for 5 days (note: nicotine testing will be done if you leave the villa).
  • ​You play well with others.
  • ​You've watched my GET FIT TO QUIT™ Masterclass

Watch My GET FIT TO QUIT™ Masterclass

The QUANTUM LEAP RETREAT™ includes my GET FIT TO QUIT™ online coaching system which emotionally & physically untangles the grip cigarettes have on smokers AHEAD of the retreat so quitting feels right and freedom feels achievable.

Ready to experience your own Quantum Leap Transformation 
like Sue, Kelly & Christie ?

All-Inclusive QUANTUM LEAP RETREAT™- Here's What You Get


  • ​Luxury Accommodation (Private Queen Suite, Pool, Hot Tub)
  • ​All Meals, Snacks & Beverages (incl. alcohol)
  • ​Leisure Activities/Entertainment TBD
  • ​Spa Services (Massage/Yoga)
  • ​Flexible/Personalized Schedule
  • ​Ample Time To Read, Relax, Work


  • GET FIT TO QUIT™ Membership (pre/post-retreat support)
  • ​Individual & Group Coaching Sessions
  • ​Detox/Recovery Toolkit
  • ​Nicotine Testing
  • ​Laser Therapy and/or Acudetox
  • ​Meditation/Hypnosis TBD
  • ​Relapse Prevention Training
Fully customized retreats to meet date, location & budget preferences. Supportive nonsmoking friends/partners welcome at reduced rate. 

Hosted by Coach Kelly
Former Smoker & Mayo Clinic-Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Coach Kelly has 17 years of experience helping others quit smoking

Book a call to determine if a retreat is right for you and to receive updates about future retreats. Cost depends on several factors and will only be discussed on a call with Coach Kelly. Private retreats can be fully customized to dates, locations and budgets with as few as three smokers.